In charge of committee:- prof. Jagruti Patel                                                   



  1. Swati Gehlot
  2. Lopamudra Das


Jim Rohn said that “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment “. So it is the moral responsibilities of the students to be in discipline.

Discipline is the mirror of the college there for, the college formed discipline committee for B.Ed. and M.Ed.  Trainees Prof. Jagruti Patel appointed as a team leader B.Ed. Discipline Committee and Dr. Hasumatiben Patel ia appointed as a team leader of M.Ed. discipline committee and five trainees from B.Ed. and M.Ed. Discipline committee.

There are the norms and certain criteria set for the teacher trainees to main tend  peace, discipline and cleanliness in the college .

The committees students make sure those trainees follow all the rules and regulation and obey the disciplines norms during prayer inside the classroom and the college as well.

Due to which proper education environment is created and time to time discipline lessons are also taught in schools and colleges, so that this discipline approach can be adopted by students in their day to day life which makes them more civilized and cultured and self disciplines is said to be the just steps towards success.