In charge of committee:- Prof.Dr.  Tushar patel                                                       


  1. Faizal Mnasuri
  2. IIliyas Dalal


Throughout complete academic year students gets bored by studying –“ only study and no play makes jake a dull boy”. Thus, picnic is an important part in a students life.

It is already decided in the academic year that there should be a period or particular time for picnic.

This helps teachers and students to fill their gap and understand each other. It also helps students to learn for there day to day life with the help of experiences. This also makes teachers and students to understands their responsibilities.

Even when students in future become teacher due to their experience in picnics and outings they can easily manage to organize a good picnic for their students.

For this reason every year B.ED & M.ED college arranges picnic as a part of academic  year. Thus, a committee was formed by combining B.ED & M.ED students and teachers.This committee organizes  picnic and also sees that it becomes a good memory for each one and students gain good experience through it.