In charge of committee:- Prof.Sanjay  Patel                                              


  1. Chirag Gajjar
  2. Hitesh Solanki


Since older days sports has its own importance. It boosts and maintains health and stamina of a person. So government has made mandatory for all schools and colleges to organize sports day or sports week.

Gujarat university has also introduced sports week in the B.ED & M.ED academic year.

Through this sports activity a student’s physical and mental growth is possible and also with different –different sports games a students can learn much from it.

For this reason a teachers of B.ED & M.ED and five students of B.ED & M.ED and five students of B.ED & M.ED have made a committee. This committee decides and organizes different sport activities throughout the year. They also arrange a sport week in which students take part in their favourite sports and play them with a healthy competition.