Prayer Committee

In charge of committee:- Prof.Dr. Ronald Christian                                        


  1. Pinky Chavda
  2. Kanan Patel

 “ Prayer is the food for inner soul” – This sentence was given by mahatma gandhiji. The member of prayer committee fulfill the truthfulness of this sentence. Due to prayer, the atmosphere of the classroom become peaceful and positive.  Prayer gives the feeling of god everywhere around us.  Students sing prayer about equivalents  of all religious. All the religious are same. Students sing prayer differentaly each day according to the day of the week. They also read daily news bulletins, poems, good proverbs at last the national song etc.  And teachers also help students in the same.  

Cultural Committee

In charge of committee:- Prof. Dr. Nisha Gajjar                                            


  1. Ratna Dubey
  2. Preeti  Saxena

 Cultural committee organizes different cultural activities form which students learn different cultures.  For this in the beginning of the college a meeting of students and teachers is made out of which the members of cultural committee are selected. First of all a leader is selected and then his/her team is selected.

The member of this committee organize different functions for different festivals. This festivals are celebrated as part of B.ed & M.ed. Every year cultural  committee is formed with the help of teachers the committee arranges several functions by inviting guests and celebrated them.

This cultural celebration also develops mental and emotional skill and/ or part of mind which helps them in their future life. Even students also gets knowledge of different cultures which helps them a lot.

Discipline Committee

In charge of committee:- prof. Jagruti Patel                                                   


  1. Swati Gehlot
  2. Lopamudra Das

Jim Rohn said that “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment “. So it is the moral responsibilities of the students to be in discipline.

Discipline is the mirror of the college there for, the college formed discipline committee for B.Ed. and M.Ed.  Trainees Prof. Jagruti Patel appointed as a team leader B.Ed. Discipline Committee and Dr. Hasumatiben Patel ia appointed as a team leader of M.Ed. discipline committee and five trainees from B.Ed. and M.Ed. Discipline committee.

There are the norms and certain criteria set for the teacher trainees to main tend  peace, discipline and cleanliness in the college .

The committees students make sure those trainees follow all the rules and regulation and obey the disciplines norms during prayer inside the classroom and the college as well.

Due to which proper education environment is created and time to time discipline lessons are also taught in schools and colleges, so that this discipline approach can be adopted by students in their day to day life which makes them more civilized and cultured and self disciplines is said to be the just steps towards success.

Picnic Committee

In charge of committee:- Prof.Dr.  Tushar patel                                                       


  1. Faizal Mnasuri
  2. IIliyas Dalal

Throughout complete academic year students gets bored by studying –“ only study and no play makes jake a dull boy”. Thus, picnic is an important part in a students life.

It is already decided in the academic year that there should be a period or particular time for picnic.

This helps teachers and students to fill their gap and understand each other. It also helps students to learn for there day to day life with the help of experiences. This also makes teachers and students to understands their responsibilities.

Even when students in future become teacher due to their experience in picnics and outings they can easily manage to organize a good picnic for their students.

For this reason every year B.ED & M.ED college arranges picnic as a part of academic  year. Thus, a committee was formed by combining B.ED & M.ED students and teachers.This committee organizes  picnic and also sees that it becomes a good memory for each one and students gain good experience through it.

Sports Committee

In charge of committee:- Prof.Sanjay  Patel                                              


  1. Chirag Gajjar
  2. Hitesh Solanki

Since older days sports has its own importance. It boosts and maintains health and stamina of a person. So government has made mandatory for all schools and colleges to organize sports day or sports week.

Gujarat university has also introduced sports week in the B.ED & M.ED academic year.

Through this sports activity a student’s physical and mental growth is possible and also with different –different sports games a students can learn much from it.

For this reason a teachers of B.ED & M.ED and five students of B.ED & M.ED and five students of B.ED & M.ED have made a committee. This committee decides and organizes different sport activities throughout the year. They also arrange a sport week in which students take part in their favourite sports and play them with a healthy competition.

Bulletin Board Committee

In charge of committee:- Prof.Vidhi  Acharya                                               


  1. Tanushri Sengupta
  2. Swarnalata Kamat

In the beginning of the year 2013-14 different committee are formed in which bulletin board committee is formed.

This group use to collect various information’s and thoughts use to decorate the bulletin boards during the year. Various proverbs thoughts. Articles of well known writers, poems useful information, news, information related to teachers, information related to government jobs, like TAT, TET, HTAT, reacted information and its importance, teaching related information, information related to various religious and its importance, beautiful sketches are highlighted on bulletin board.